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The development of games is part of our core business. The basic variant of our offer includes the production of entertainment software, computer games, mobile games, VR, AR, XR, MR games, serious games and other software in the entertainment field.


A game production can consist of any content. This means that an infinite number of game development scenarios are conceivable. And the resulting possibilities for your project. Often our game productions have been used for entertainment, marketing, trade fair, training and presentation purposes. Thanks to innovative game concepts we were able to generate a higher added value for you. This finally puts an end to boring presentations. Especially in industrial applications entertainment software is gaining more and more importance.


Customer: MyGym Sinsheim
Project: Beast Of Prey

Customer request

A screenshot of a VR quiz gamification application from the Unreal Engine, which shows a kitchen with table, fridge and kitchenette The customer had purchased a KATWALK VR via Kickstarter at the beginning of the contact. The hardware was in the prototype stage and intended to test the first trials of a possible application in the fitness sector. The goal was to provide visitors to MyGym (The Club of the Future) with a globally unique experience.

The challenge was that the software provided only has a limited application in the sports sector. To solve this problem, a custom game production was to be made for MyGym.


The following aspects were of high importance for the customer:

  • The player should be able to walk, run, jump and hunt in the virtual environment
  • High quality processing of the assets
  • The game should reduce motion sickness to a minimum
  • Hi-End graphics
  • We want to create our own setting, which is adapted to the needs of sports players.

Your Benefits

The wide range of applications of a game production can open up completely new ways and possibilities for you. Higher customer loyalty through innovative, digital advertising media. Entertainment media for controlling user experiences. Means to develop new target groups. Games for faster learning and grasping of content. Or use game development to increase employee motivation. True to the motto: What's fun doesn't feel like work.

Analog / Digital

Game development in our studio is not limited to the production of digital media. We can design, produce and deliver games in analog form as well.


Different game engines or frameworks are used in game development. If the individual case requires it, own frameworks can also be used. This is only interesting for game productions in certain cases. Especially if a custom hardware is to be used or a special installation is to be issued. Usually the following game engines are used in the studio:

The Unity logo is shown
The Unreal logo is shown
The Cocos2D logo is shown
Löve logo is shown
Autodesk Maya logo for 3D modeling and animation
Adobe Photoshop logo for 2D post-processing and graphics creation
Allegorithmic Substance Designer Logo for Texture Creation
Atlassian Jira logo for project planning and coordination


Do you have questions about our portfolio or a service? Please feel free to contact us at any time! Freely according to the slogan: It costs nothing to ask!


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