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About Merkasso

Merkasso is an artists' collective from Stuttgart. This art form came into being as follows: The first artist of the collective was supposed to make a birthday present for an acquaintance. To annoy the acquaintance, Merkasso chose an embarrassing picture from his private surroundings. Merkasso enlarged this picture and printed it on a 1 metre canvas. Merkasso then realised that it would be very mean to give an unfiltered picture of his friend as a birthday present. So Merkasso developed his own filter, applied the filter to the picture and printed it again. The feedback on the picture was incredible. Many of the birthday guests wanted their own Merkasso. Today, Merkasso offers his art to everyone.

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Studio Merkas
Game Development and Entertainment Software e.U

Pischekstraße 19
D-70184 Stuttgart

Opening hours
Monday - Friday, 9 am to 5 pm